Tuesday, June 19, 2012

What book made you fall in love with reading?

So I realize that I'm breaking bloggin' rules by posting twice in one day, but the post from this morning was really from yesterday.  It just happened to take a kazillion hours to finish it.  :(

I realize now that I probably should've spread that post about Read for Writing over 2 days...so sorries!!  It was a little very long, huh?  I'll remember this next time...

And look what I finally learned to do:

It's so exciting!!!  I can upload a download button.  Woot!  Now if I can just figure out the Google Docs thingee...

One more thing --I couldn't believe it when Scholastic Teaching tweeted the following question today:

"Think back...What book made you fall in love with reading?"

Well of course I had to tweet about Sr. Juanita, Free Reading, and Beverly Cleary because all 3 played a huge role in my reading life.  

So if there's anyone reading this, how about sharing your answer on here?  I'd love to read what book/person/habits made you become a life-long reader.

And now I'll end with a few pics from when I taught 3rd grade.

Fiction Library in a back corner
I loved those reading tires!

Non-Fiction Library in a front corner
The fish tank was so very awesome...until it sprung a leak over Spring Break and made a huge, stanky mess!!

Gutter Library

Meeting Area



  1. Betsy, I'm totally in the same boat as you with this blog thing. I joined awhile ago and have just started to get into it recently. I just joined your blog, join mine and we can learn together!!!


  2. My mother read to me constantly, recited poetry, and sang songs as I was growing up. In fact, she still does it now and my sons love it! My best memories as a child are of sitting on her lap as she read.
    Love the pics of your amazing classroom! I'm your newest follower! Lauren
    Teacher Mom of 3

    1. Lauren - Such a beautiful memory! I hope my little girls remember the same of me when they're grown. Thank you so much for sharing! ~Betsy

  3. Hi!! I am your newest follower. I would love to have you stop by my blog sometime.


    1. Thanks for stopping by, April. I followed your blog last week (I think)! :) Betsy

  4. I have awarded you the Lovely Blog Award! Stop by my blog to pick it up! Lauren
    Teacher Mom of 3

  5. Lauren - Wow! Thank you so much! I'm finally all along! A much needed down time! I'll follow instructions for the award first thing tomorrow. I've got to choose 15 blogs first. :) ~Betsy

  6. Hi Betsy - just found you and am your newest follower. Very cute blog BTW.
    Traditions, Laughter and Happily Ever After

  7. I have lots of fond memories of books being read to me. The Monster at the End of the Book was a favorite. I would sit on my daddy's lap and he would ham it up for me and I would laugh and laugh! The Babysitters Club series is what hooked me on being a life long reader though, followed by R.L. Stine's Fear street series!
    Kickin' it in Kinder

    1. Heather --
      The Babysitters were my BFF's! I know that's totally sad, but oh how I loved those girls! Every year when I talk to my students about letting the stories they read come to life, I tell them about my obsession with the BSC and The Sweet Valley Twins. I seriously felt like a member of the BSC and a triplet to the twins. Good memories!! I also remember my obession with R.L. Stine...we must be the same age!!!
      I'm not familiar with The Monster at the End of the Book. I'll have to find it. :)Thanks for sharing!

  8. Love looking at how everyone sets their classrooms up. It is great to get so many ideas. I love the lamp and the comfy chair! I hope the fish lived through the stanky leak!

    Your newest follower,

    1. Thank you so much, Stehany! I also love to look at other classroom setups...a bit of an addiction for many of us, I fear. :) It just about killed me to trash that lamp this summer. The colored parts were dry rotted or something...from the lightbulb heat. But I had it for 8 fantastic years!
      I can't remember what happened to those fish! Don't know if they didn't survive or if I gave them away. I haven't had a tank since then, but I do miss having one. The running water was so relaxing to listen to in the classroom. :)
      Happy Satruday!